MCES is interested in associating ourselves with others who recognize the importance of clinical excellence but are willing to become active in solving the problems that face the healthcare delivery industry.  Located in Detroit, MI, where many of the legends of Emergency Medicine, Dr. Ronald Krome, Dr. Judith Tintinalli, Dr. Brooks Bock, and Dr. Blaine White, have called our department their home.  We host two separate EM residency training programs at Detroit Receiving Hospital and Sinai-Grace Hospital.

At present, we employ approximately one hundred twenty full time physicians, most of whom are either board certified or residency trained in Emergency Medicine. Each physician is expected to work 140 hours per month providing patient care, and/or administrative support, in one or more of our hospitals in order to be eligible for our comprehensive fringe benefit package, which includes:

  1. Malpractice Insurance
  2. Disability and Long Term Care Insurance
  3. Health/Dental Insurance (including family)
  4. Voluntary Vision Insurance
  5. Continuing Education
  6. Medical Reimbursement (Flexible Spending or Health Savings Account)
  7. Paid ACEP and SAEM Dues
  8. Medical staff dues
  9. Incentive Compensation Plan
  10. Retirement Savings Thrift Plan

Our group is unique in that we are academically based, with significant research and education responsibilities, and we also have very significant clinical responsibilities including direct emergency medical care, medical direction of the City of Detroit E.M.S. and observation medicine.