About MCES

We’re an independent, non-profit, academic based group of Emergency Physicians

Medical Center Emergency Services currently staff all five of the Detroit Medical Center (DMC) Emergency Departments in the Metro Detroit area. We are dedicated to providing safe, high-quality, efficient care in an evidence based teaching environment. Our two high-volume hospitals are Detroit Receiving Hospital (DRH) and Sinai-Grace Hospital (SGH) and are the two sites for an ACGME Emergency Medicine residency. We also staff the Harper University Hospital Emergency Department, which is located on the DMC central campus and connected by a tunnel to both DRH and to Children’s Hospital of Michigan. Additionally, we staff Huron Valley Sinai-Hospital Emergency Department, in the Northwest suburbs.

MCES is highly integrated into the DMC, both clinically and administratively. MCES Emergency Physicians have been or currently are working with the DMC as chiefs of staff, vice presidents for medical affairs, Chief Medical Officer of the DMC, and DMC Hospital Presidents.

Academically, we are affiliated with the Department of Emergency Medicine at Wayne State University School of Medicine. Physicians associated with our group are all faculty members of the Department of Emergency Medicine, and many are actively involved in organized Emergency Medicine at a national, regional and local level.

Our two fully accredited three year residencies in Emergency Medicine have been in existence since 1976 and 1981 respectively. We offer Administrative, EMS, Palliative, Research, Toxicology and Ultrasound Fellowships. Believing that research is the cornerstone of an academic discipline, we are very active in clinical and benchmark research.